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We’ve got the best people.

As a mid-size company, CHTG’s staffing strategy leverages the flexibility of our pool of qualified employees with our successful recruitment processes.

A key aspect of recruiting is our ability to manage the clearance process to assure our government partners that new employees are prepared to protect sensitive data and facilities.

Security is critical.
CHTG understands the importance of physical and logical security in the federal government, and uses a robust, proven process to field a professional team with the appropriate clearances.

The team is very familiar with requirements of and processes for providing staff with Public Trust clearances, as well as the requirements for data collection to support Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). Our project managers are aware of this requirement, with experience working with Federal security officials to acquire public trust clearances as necessary.

CHTG’s processes also provide staff with secret and top secret clearances to protect NIH physical access, personal data, and all government information. CHTG’s Security Officer oversees the transference of top secret clearances from incumbent personnel who join CHTG, and any new employees hired with clearances from other companies.